ENDORSEMENT: Morrison will be a force in Spa City

Patricia Morrison has a business background, has served on the school board, has some legitimate criticism of city government and some good ideas for addressing some of the city’s issues.

No one has a right to public office. One has to earn the voters’ trust.

[Patty’s opponent] has lost it. Voters should elect Patricia Morrison to help restore it.

The Daily Gazette – November 1, 2019

Saratoga Hospital attorney an incumbent contributor

Opponents of incumbents in the city’s key November races are alleging a pay-to-play atmosphere after people connected to Saratoga Hospital have contributed at least $8,000 to re-election campaigns amid the hospital seeking approval for its Morgan Street expansion.

The majority of those contributions – $5,300 worth – came from Matthew J. Jones, the local attorney who is representing the hospital as it appears before the city’s planning board and City Council.

The incumbents seeking re-election, third-party candidate Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan and Republican Commissioner of Public Works Anthony “Skip” Scirocco – as well as newcomer candidate for Commissioner of Public Safety Republican Robin Dalton –  all reject any suggestion that the political contributions are tied future votes. Mayor Democrat Meg Kelly could not be reached for comment on the issue.

Capital Women has endorsed me to be your Commissioner of Finance

Reader’s View: Development & Ethics that works for all Saratoga Citizens

City residents are truly concerned that the pace of development is outstripping our ability to responsibly keep up. Many believe that the influences of big development and big money have taken over in City Hall. Most feel their voices are not being heard.

Saratoga Democrats drop endorsement for Madigan, get behind Morrison

The city’s Democratic Committee has withdrawn its endorsement of incumbent Commissioner of Finance and June primary loser Michele Madigan.

Committee Chair Sarah Burger said the committee agreed Tuesday night to support the party’s primary winner Patricia Morrison, who won in a close vote in June.

Morrison wins Saratoga finance commissioner nomination

Challenger Patricia Morrison has ousted incumbent Michele Madigan for the Democratic nomination to run for Saratoga Springs finance commissioner.

After absentee count, Morrison wins Saratoga Springs Democratic finance commissioner primary

After 101 absentee ballots were counted on Tuesday, Patricia Morrison emerged as the winner of the Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Finance primary race, assuring her name on the Democratic line in November.

Morrison overtook incumbent Michele Madigan by 32 votes of nearly 1,500 ballots cast, making the final tally 765 for Morrison and 733 for Madigan.

Challenger Morrison Bests Incumbent Madigan In Primary For Saratoga Springs Finance Commissioner

One week after voters went to the polls, absentee ballots made it official today: a newcomer has won the Democratic primary for Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Finance.

A week after the June 25th primary, absentee ballots were counted at the Saratoga County Board of Elections in Ballston Spa.

Reader’s View: Saratoga Springs relies upon working relationships

Like every city, Saratoga Springs relies upon working relationships between government and the community. Programs and policies can serve all only when our leaders base them on inclusive community dialogue, with taxpayers and partner agencies. Our city faces challenges, and to tackle them, I believe we need MORE.

I am so thrilled to announce my endorsement from Capital Women! It is crucial that we encourage women to run for public office, demand a seat at the table, and make our voices heard. As Commissioner of Finance for Saratoga Springs, I will continue to advocate for women’s issues.

It’s Official!

Spa school board member to run for city finance post

Saratoga Springs Board of Education member Patty Morrison said Saturday she is seeking the city finance commissioner’s seat now held by Michele Madigan, and is ready to force a Democratic primary in June.