A key issue in this year’s municipal elections is the role developer and special interest contributions are playing into races for commissioner and related conflicts of interest. The Times Union covers the support that Hospital Attorney Matthew J. Jones has given to incumbents including Michele Madigan in the article below.

Saratoga Hospital attorney an incumbent contributor

Mayoral challenger says money in Saratoga Springs’ races is a ‘menace’

Opponents of incumbents in the city’s key November races are alleging a pay-to-play atmosphere after people connected to Saratoga Hospital have contributed at least $8,000 to re-election campaigns amid the hospital seeking approval for its Morgan Street expansion.

The majority of those contributions – $5,300 worth – came from Matthew J. Jones, the local attorney who is representing the hospital as it appears before the city’s planning board and City Council.

The incumbents seeking re-election, third-party candidate Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan and Republican Commissioner of Public Works Anthony “Skip” Scirocco – as well as newcomer candidate for Commissioner of Public Safety Republican Robin Dalton –  all reject any suggestion that the political contributions are tied future votes. Mayor Democrat Meg Kelly could not be reached for comment on the issue.