Why I’m Running

Saratoga Springs, like every city, depends upon the strength of working relationships between city government and the community. We deserve to have leaders who build programs and policies based on inclusive community dialogue with taxpayers and partner agencies. Our city faces challenges, and to tackle them I believe we need more:


The practice of accepting campaign donations from individuals currently doing business before the City Council is a clear conflict of interest. Being embroiled in a lawsuit with a local business and unwilling to release emails through the freedom of information act is not transparent government. Decisions about critical issues are increasingly being made behind closed doors with little public input. We need a city government that operates with transparency and without conflicts of interest.


Failing to fully address the impact of large-scale development, increased traffic and inadequate infrastructure has left city residents questioning the priorities of our leaders. Inclusive community planning serves the needs of our neighborhoods today and envisions a future that preserves our “city in the country.”


Defying the Board of Education’s independence and supporting a resolution requesting the board re-vote on guns in schools is an overstep of the City’s jurisdiction. This demonstrates lack of respect for local elected officials on the school board. A successful working relationship begins with respect and open communication and Saratoga Springs’ outstanding schools are a result of decades of partnership between school and city leaders. We must repair that partnership.

Charter Reform

In 2017, like 70 percent of Democratic voters in Saratoga Springs, I voted to change the city’s charter so that the effectiveness and inclusiveness of our city government would be even stronger than it is today. Although that measure lost by ten votes, I still believe we need to find ways to make it easier for members of the community to participate in city government.

Quality of Life

As Commissioner of Finance, I will build working relationships that serve all the members of this community and protect the quality of life that makes Saratoga Springs so special.